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Wireless World Holiday Gift Guide

As Christmas approaches and you are looking for gifts, Wireless World has what you need to get the most out of your mobile technology. Whether you are upgrading and getting the essentials for your recipents' phones or you aren't ready for a new phone yet but you want to do some new things with it, read on for our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide.




Speakers: Even the best speakers that are built into a phone (the Note 3 and Droid Ultra/Max are respectable) don't have the oomph to fill a room with bass and clarity. Prices start at $30 for a basic wired speaker (like the blue one) and go on up to $99.99 for the Jabra Solemate Mini. For a stocking stuffer, the little speaker sounds fine, but as you go up in price, you get a few more bells and whistles like Bluetooth with NFC pairing (just touch your NFC-equipped phone to the side of the speaker to pair automatically), lights (the lights blink and glow in a pattern or in sync with your music)and of course, volume. My personal favorite is the Jabra Solemate Mini (upper right corner of the picture). It has stereo speakers and a passive subwoofer to fill the room, and the bottom is fashioned like the rubber grip of a shoe (hence the Solemate name) so that even with the bass pounding, there is almost no distortion, and the speaker itself doesn't rattle and move anywhere. 




Headphones: If you want to take your music with you but not share it with anyone else, a good pair of headphones is a must. Even if the phone comes with a pair of headphones, they usually don't sound the best. The Jabra earbuds are $24.99, and prices go up if you want over-the-ear and Bluetooth. All headsets have a mic built in to the cord or the frame of the headphones so they can take a call while listening to music (the music stops when the call goes through).




PowerRocks Batteries. Need to keep your phone charged while away from a charger (beach, camp, etc)? You need a PowerRocks charger. The mini starts at $39.99 and should charge the phone once or twice. You can get bigger ones that can recharge the phone more times or even recharge a tablet and even can charge multiple device at once.




Home Automation: Another carrier has a commercial where the dad counters his absent-minded kids by turning off all the lights and appliances with a tap of an app. Then there is the fine print: available at a monthly monitored service rate with qualifying agreement at $29.99 a month in select markets. If you don't want to go through the hassle of moving, changing cell phone providers, and adding to your monthly expenses, Wireless World has the solution for you: Belkin home automation. You can get a light switch, a 110v outlet plug, and a security camera that will interface with your existing home wifi network and allow you to remotely turn on and off things from the outlet and switch as well as view the security camera and record images and video onto your phone. All three of these devices work with both Android and iOS devices. I have done some security camera installs that require static IP addresses, port forwarding from a router, and a whole mess of other networking magic. The Belkin equipment requires none of these things. I installed the switch on our store's Christmas tree and setup was a breeze: download the app and run it and it walks you through the connection process with clear directions and big pictures.The 110 outlet retails for $49.99 and the Netcam for $99.99.




















Baby Toys: Let's face it, despite your best efforts, you kids will get ahold of your phones and tablets. When they do, you can either give them something to do with them or they will completely rearrage everything on them. For the littlest ones, try out the Griffin Woogie Zee. Put your iPhone or iPod touch in the see-through pouch on the Zee, launch the app, and you get funny faces and noises from the stuffed animal monster, available in either blue or purple. Keep in mind the pouch for the phone is only held shut with velcro, so if you have inquisitive kids who try to eat or drool on your phone, you may need to do a little more childproofing out of the box. For the slightly older child, Griffin makes a Crayola stylus and corresponding app for the iPad (I bet your children can make a better drawing than I did). I overthought this and was looking for some special Bluetooth or wifi connectivity, but there isn't. Just turn on the pen and launch the app and go. The Woogie retails for $24.99 and the Crayola for $29.99. The apps are free, but they only work on iOS devices.



RC truckHelicopter



















Big Boy Toys: If you can wrestle your phone away from your kids, you need some toys to play with too. RC Helicopters and Trucks fit the bill for that. The Griffin Monster TC remote controlled truck can be controlled via Bluetooth with your iPhone (no Android support at this time). It moves pretty fast, but the frame is relatively durable. The Helo TC is a remote-controlled helicopter that operates with your iPhone or Android device and the included IR remote. Just download the app and plug in the remote. You can fly up, down, foward, reverse, and turn, as well as shoot missiles. I have yet to break THIS particular helicopter, but I have broken other RC choppers. The good news is that if you take some time getting used to the controls and don't ram it into the ceiling at full speed, and you'll be fine.


We have all these items and more on display to play with at your local Wireless World, so stop in and see them in action. Plus the more you buy, the more you save, so bundling up isn't just for staying warm outside. Stay tuned here, on our Facebook page, or keep in touch with your local store; new items and special deals may be forthcoming. Most importantly, have a safe and merry Christmas!